Our earth - the blue planet.

With 1.386 million km³ water
a unique place in the universe.

Global water reserves

Viewed from space the earth is an awe-inspiring sight: 75% of our planet is covered by water – in liquid, gaseous or frozen form. It is this vital element of life that distinguishes the Earth from all other planets in our solar system.

Yet this apparent abundance is deceptive. Around 97 % of the Earth’s water resources are salt water. A significant proportion of fresh water reserves is trapped in the polar ice caps and glaciers and only 0.649% of all water resources can be used for drinking.


1,386 m. km³ worldwide water reserves from which are:


97,6 %   Saltwater
1,5 % Frozen in glaciers, ice and snow
0,8 % Groundwater
0,1 % Surface water


And merely 0,649 % of all water supplies can be used as drinking water!


Therefore we research, develop and work every day on innovative solutions for the treatment of 98.5 % of water available worldwide. This corresponds to 1.32 billion km³. Of salt water, groundwater and surface water our water conditioning systems prepare drinking and mineral water, process, pure and ultrapure water.