Top water quality for
full aroma speciality coffees
Top water quality
for crusty baked goods
and perfect, crisp vegetables
Top water quality for
streak-free crockery,
glassware and cutlery
Top water quality
for tasty drinks
from vending machines
Top water quality
for fresh, cold drinks

The Catering and vending industry

Best water quality – the effervescent source of your added value 

All water is not the same: the chemical and sensory properties and the local and regional conditions are too varied.

In the demanding food services and vending market particularly, a consistently high quality of water is a prerequisite for an economically successful business. Top quality water is an essential link in the value chain, as it brings all water-dependent taste products, speciality coffees and other hot beverages ‘on flavour’ and so guarantees stable and quantifiable revenue in a sector that is particularly reliant on user acceptance.

In addition, in many other sectors, the purest quality water is used to optimise production processes and contributes to a prolonged and reliable operational life of the professional processing equipment. And, to a great extent, it influences the quality of the end products. For example, it ensures healthy, appetising crunchy steamed vegetables, light baked goods with a crispy crust and sparkling table and glassware from the dishwasher, free of limescale deposits.


BWT water+more provides market-leading solutions for the optimisation of mains water in all these areas of application

  • Best possible water quality for all local and regional water situations and consumption levels

  • Award-winning Mg2+ technology to satisfy the most demanding standards in the preparation of speciality coffee and beverages in the food services and vending industry

  • The best equipment protection available and reduced wear and tear, ensuring a longer operating life

  • Effective and efficient solutions for practically every user requirement


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