Revolutionary filtration systems
for perfect water in the
hospitality & vending sectors

Optimised water for sparkling
dishwashing results in the
food & hospitality service sector
The best quality drinking water
for maximum performance
BWT transforms your hotel
into a perfect water paradise
Catering & Vending
International hotel sector

The hospitality, food & vending sectors

Perfect water for outstanding results in the food and hospitality industry

The most important applications of water, in all its forms, are likely to be found in the hospitality and food service sectors. We come into much more contact with water than we think. Not just in the hotel spa, as we plunge into the cool water, or in the bathroom, when we take a shower, but with every look, sip and bite, even when we least expect it, such as when eating crisp, light pastries etc.

If the water quality is good, then so are the products. Bread maintains its crispy crust, vegetables retain their appetising colour and vitamins, and roasts are soft inside and exude subtle flavours. The tableware is then washed sparkling clean using perfect quality water.


BWT can provide solutions for every level of drinking water quality and meet practically all requirements for cleanliness, hygiene, reliability, ecology and economy. This means food industry professionals and hoteliers are able to satisfy the high demands of their guests and diners, from perfect washing results, top quality hot beverages and food to hygienic, silky-soft pool water. BWT’s extensive portfolio of BWT products will enable you reach the pinnacle of a five-star rating.


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