Full of flavour
with new BWT

Kitchen, restaurant and bar

What counts in the kitchen, restaurant or bar are hygiene and taste 

Hard water is a source of great frustration: furred-up equipment, unsightly tableware, extensive use of washing agents and laborious, manual drying. Softened and desalinated water meets the most demanding of standards. Limescale deposits in equipment and residues on crockery, glassware and cutlery are eliminated, servicing costs reduced and the capacity of your dishwashers, coffee machines, steamers and kettles increased. In addition, you can economise on a wide range of regeneration and washing agents, including dryer/polishers, resulting in a time- and energy-saving kitchen.


BWT’s new Mg2+ technology for drinking water treatment ensures your food and drink will produce a full flavour and unique aroma. The bestmax Filter range guarantees not only a consistent coffee taste, but also protects the workings of your coffee and espresso machines against limescale deposits. The performance of combi steamers, ovens and automatic vending machines is improved and repairs are reduced to a minimum. 

An all-round total package for the kitchen, restaurant and bar with BWT technology:


Full and partial desalination

Filtration technology

Reverse osmosis

Mg2+ technology 


Your benefits speak for themselves:

  • Better-tasting coffee, tea and other hot drinks from enriched drinking water (Mg2+ technology)

  • Removal of limescale deposits on cutlery, crockery and glassware

  • Reduced use of cleaning agents

  • Prolonged operational life of your kitchen equipment (dishwashers, coffee machines, steam cookers)


Reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis system
Softener Systems

Filter cartrigdes
Filter cartridges

Table water filter
Table water filter