Hygiene and comfort thanks to soft and brilliantly white linen


Textiles are used extensively in all areas of the hotel and food industry and are subject to strict hygiene requirements. Every year, work clothing, tablecloths, serviettes, bed linen and towels generate many tons of washing. The optimisation of the washing process, in terms of energy consumption, water and detergents, represents a significant cost reduction, while greatly contributing to environmental protection, whether the washing is carried out on the hotel premises or by an external service provider.

The wellbeing of hotel guests is dependent on the hotel’s facilities, ambience and quality of service, especially the softness and cleanness of bedding and towels. This can be achieved using the following BWT technology:




BWT’s softened water provides a host of benefits to hoteliers:

  • Soft laundry for the comfort of guests  

  • Increased disinfection for improved standards of cleanliness

  • Savings in the use of detergent

  • Reduced equipment repair costs through the elimination of limescale

  • Preservation of investments


BWT Softerner