BWT AQA drink –
perfectly treated water
at the touch of a button

Lobby, hallway and office

Guests who feel well are contented guests and will want to come back. In numerous hotels, top quality drinking water is made available as an extra benefit, as many guests really appreciate a glass of fresh, cooled, still water after a sauna or sporting activity or to accompany their morning coffee. Low water intake can cause fatigue, impaired performance, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.

You can offer your guests a BWT drinking water dispenser as a special service and educate your personnel to adopt healthy drinking habits. The BWT AQA drink water dispenser is connected to your mains water system and, at the press of a button, will deliver a selection of chilled still water, hot water or cooled soda water.

Enhance the wellbeing of your guests and the productivity of your personnel with…  

Drinking water dispensers
Table water filter


… and gain tangible benefits:

  • Maximum enjoyment through the use of gourmet water

  • The best-tasting coffee, tea and other hot drinks, courtesy of Mg2+ technology

  • Improved performance from drinking the best quality water

  • Perfect service for your guests

  • Less reliance on plastic bottles. The resulting reduction in CO2 contributes to environmental protection


Water dispensers
Drinking water dispensers
Table water filters
Table water filter