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Plumbing, heating and air conditioning

Products and technologies from BWT guarantee that you and your guests enjoy peace of mind, great hygiene and good health in your daily contact with the elixir of life – water. BWT’s technologies provide valuable services, even in industries where the use of water is less obvious, i.e. air-conditioning systems. For example, only thoroughly disinfected water can ensure that bacterial contamination of air conditioning systems is largely avoided. Another prime concern, apart from water treatment for plumbing and air-conditioning, is the suitability of water for heating systems.  


The following technologies also play a role in these applications:

Filtration technology

Softening and limescale protection


Dosing solutions


Top quality water, when used in plumbing, heating and air conditioning, offers a wealth of tangible benefits, including:

  • High quality drinking water
  • Silky-soft pearlescent water  

  • Protection from legionella and other pathogens 

  • Corrosion protection

  • Reduced need for servicing and repair

  • Lower costs through energy savings


Limescale protection
Limescale protection system
Softener system

Reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis system

Disinfection-UV system