Silky-soft pearlescent water for guests’ wellbeing

Rooms & bathrooms

The rooms and bathrooms in your hotel present a variety of opportunities for delighting your guests with an ‘extra’ in the form of perfectly treated water. Reassure your guests that their health and welfare are important to you, and use BWT technology to make their contact with water a totally hygienic, clean and safe experience.

Water treated by BWT for the bath or shower not only protects against infection from legionella and other pathogens, but the silky-soft pearlescent water it delivers will also enable you and your guests to enjoy a new, unrivalled bath and shower experience. Skin and hair will become velvety soft, shiny and smooth.

For pure wellbeing of mind and body, spoil your guests with the new NeherINTENSE infrared shower. This completely new combination shower and infrared module reduces tension with its highly effective IR deep heat, LED mood lighting and music, all inside a glass shower cabinet – a unique sensation!  

Amaze your guests with the mineral-enriched drinking fountain that never runs dry. A BWT table water filter in the hotel room supplies them with precious, enriched drinking water whenever they want it. Our Mg2+ technology not only turns your drinking water into a source of healthy minerals, but also guarantees exquisite drinking pleasure.

Myriad treats for your guests….

Drinking water dispenser

Table water filter

Infrared technology




… and a whole host of advantages for the hotelier:

  • Guests who feel secure and clean in a hygienic environment

  • Protection against legionella and other pathogens

  • Better tasting water through the addition of minerals (Mg2+ technology)

  • Silky-soft pearlescent water for guests’ wellbeing

  • Less reliance on plastic bottles. The resulting reduction in CO2 contributes to environmental protection

  • Elimination of limescale deposits

  • Reduced cleaning time and use of cleaning agents


Infrared technologyInfrared technology Anti-limescale
Anti-limescale filter for shower & bath

Table water filter
Table water filter

Drinking Wter dispenser
Drinking water dispenser