Water treatment for
perfect dishwashing results
Clean crockery, shining cutlery
and dazzling glassware
for immaculate results.
Partial & full desalination
Reverse osmosis


BWT warewashing technology for immaculate and sparkling results


You may still not achieve perfection even with top-of-the-range dishwashers, the best detergent, the most brilliant rinse aid and the most expensive glasses if the most important element, i.e. water, is overlooked. The composition of the water has a decisive impact on the quality of the dishwashing results. If the water is not free from minerals, then this will manifest itself in the form of unsightly deposits on glasses and cutlery. Every guest and diner expects to see gleaming glasses and shiny cutlery, as the look is all part of the dining experience. Laborious and costly polishing is one solution, though not the simplest. BWT will help you get perfect results from your dishwasher with our innovative warewashing technology products.

…simply dazzling!


BWT offers a choice of water treatment processes for any application, so any type of equipment can benefit from the supply of optimum quality water:

  • Softening: hardness-forming minerals are replaced with water-soluble salts, thereby preventing the build-up of limescale both on tableware and the dishwasher itself.

  • Partial desalination: a proportion of the dissolved salts and minerals is removed from the water, reducing its total salt content.

  • Full desalination: hardness-forming minerals and salts are removed in their entirety from the water, resulting in gleaming glassware and sparkling cutlery.

  • Reverse osmosis: hardness-forming minerals and soluble salts are removed from the water using membrane filtration to produce immaculate tableware from the dishwasher.