BWT AQA drink –
perfectly treated water
at the touch of a button

Perfect drinking pleasure - BWT AQA drink

Not only is an adequate intake of water vital for our body, but it also affects our overall wellbeing. Mental exertion, deep concentration and stress situations are, for many of us, part of the daily routine at school or in the office, and this is precisely why it is essential to keep the body sufficiently hydrated. All our bodily functions depend on a minimum consumption of water. Dehydration can result in poor concentration, fatigue and headaches, while regular drinking boosts the mind and body and improves performance and motivation.

With BWT AQA drink drinking water dispensers you will enjoy perfect taste and constant refreshment 24/7 at the push of a button. Drink to your health!

BWT Water dispensers 

BWT AQA drink – drinking water dispenser with fixed water connection 


The AQA drink drinking water dispensers from BWT are connected directly to the mains and deliver filtered, cooled or heated water at the press of a button. The AQA’s 2-stage water treatment ensures the best possible water quality and hygiene. In stage 1, a hygiene barrier filter removes contaminants, chlorine and 99.99% of all pathogen-forming substances, ensuring optimum taste and consistently good water quality, resulting in fresh, healthy drinking water. In stage 2, the UV radiator built into the cold water tank prevents the build-up of pathogens (during extended periods of inactivity) to always guarantee the highest standards

of hygiene.


Reap the benefits of BWT AQA drink:

  • Boost your health and productivity: Drinking water regularly will maintain and boost your mental and physical performance. We therefore recommend that you take a sip of your BWT AQA drink every 15 minutes.
  • Save money: Even if you use several litres a day, you will save money with BWT AQA drink, as you will consume fewer bottles and water containers and reduce handling time.

  • No more transporting of boxes and containers: With a BWT AQA drink not only can you economise on the purchasing, ordering and transport of heavy boxes and bottles, but also on the space taken up by container storage.

  • Care of the environment: Convoys of lorries transporting full and empty boxes or containers and the unnecessary waste of water from cleaning returnable bottles will be a thing of the past.

  • AQA drink for the health sector: BWT’s unique filtration technology provides the highest hygiene standards which comply with your safety regulations! Ideal for use in hospitals, rehab clinics, etc.