Electrodialysis is a membrane process for the separation of ions. Unlike other membrane processes, the core of electrodialysis is an electric field rather than a pressure differential. In this process, ions are removed from the water to achieve total desalination.


The core of our electrodeionisation systems is the patented SEPTRON® EDI module, which is the only EDI module in Europe whose spiral winding function performs the central task of the system, i.e. to achieve the highest level of water purity. The principle is based on electricity rather than chemistry, and so with this technology the water flows into a chamber containing ion exchangers. The electric voltage connected to the electrodes causes charged ions such as sodium and chlorine to flow into a concentrate chamber where they are then flushed out. This method of electrochemical desalination is a patented BWT process which, because it uses no chemicals, is ecologically sound.


BWT Septron


The SEPTRON® technology provides the best water quality with the lowest conductivity and a high standard of microbiological purity. The low dead-space smart block connection technology and the full-fit concept help to ensure clean and safe water. All the treatment stages, from filtration to electrical desalination, are contained in a single compact unit.



  • Best water quality that meets the standards for ultrapure water for a range of applications

  • Compact and convenient – can fit into very restricted locations in any laboratory

  • User-friendly and low maintenance