BWT-Soft water systemOptimal softened water for efficient protection
against limescale in pipings and boilers.


Reliable, high-end water softening systems with effective technology


Limescale can build up wherever water flows, drips or stands, because calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in the water create hard water. This results in calcified pipes and water installations, the consequences of which can prove extremely costly for operators.


BWT water softening systems are based on the classic ion exchange process, which uses natural processes to reduce the calcium content of drinking water. ‘Hard water’ flows through the ion exchange columns that contain special resin (resin columns). Here, the calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in the water are removed, thereby softening the water. During regeneration, the special resin is cleaned with a mild saline solution, which again releases the calcium and magnesium ions which are then flushed out with the rinsing water. The saline and the drinking water therefore never come into contact with each other, while the regeneration and drinking water systems are kept totally separate, so BWT soft water systems can guarantee the best quality drinking water.


Whether in the family home, sports facilities, hospitals, care homes, schools, kindergartens, residential properties or hotels, BWT’s resource-saving softening systems provide perfectly treated soft water at any number of tapping points to guarantee effective protection against limescale and limescale deposits.


Water softening systems from BWT – the benefits:

  • Effective protection against limescale in pipe systems and boilers for total drinking water hygiene

  • Limescale deposits on fixtures, fittings and sanitary surfaces are significantly reduced

  • Economical: costs for cleaning, washing and sanitation agents are reduced by 50%

  • Soft BWT water prolongs the service life of household appliances

  • Soft water makes the skin pleasantly smooth and silky


BWT Softening