UV technology from BWT Effective pathogen reduction using ecological
water treatment.


Disinfection of sanitary systems


Water is a vital element but is also an environment that favours the development of micro-organisms. Some of these adversely affect its quality, or even human and animal health: pathogenic organisms, excrement contamination germs, fungus, algae, etc.


A preventive, curative or occasional disinfection strategy may thus be necessary, particularly on water systems for human consumption.


Our help


BWT designs and develops its own disinfection technologies and helps you through all the actions necessary for the success of the curative and preventive operations:


  • Choosing the best technology for your operational requirements

  • Defining equipment and products for optimum efficiency

  • Application of disinfection protocols

  • Meet the requirements of the European directive concerning biocidal products

  • Physico-chemical and bacteriological inspections


Whether chemical or physical, our disinfection strategy combines effectiveness, user safety, regulatory compliance and operational factors (materials present, physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of water, restrictions related to the installation or process to be disinfected, contact time, shutdown time, etc.).


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