Curative treatment

The main problem that occurs in energy transfer processes is the presence of dissolved salts in the circulating fluid. In fact, under the effect of temperature, these salts are precipitated and form a hard, adhesive and insulating deposit These deposits are generally comprised of calcium, sulphate, carbonate, and sometimes iron or copper oxide. This clogging results in a significant loss of efficiency. It is therefore essential that they be made soluble, while also limiting any chemical attack on the metals in the system.


BWT turnkey cleaning services


Having BWT clean your installations provides a synergy of skills, for optimum efficiency.


  • Descaling - deoxidation: turnkey descaling operation for your steam generation and cooling systems

  • Sludge clearing: soft or fast processes, inline or when shut down, for all types of metallurgy

  • Passivation: standard programme for the washing and passivation of your systems

  • Disinfection: preventive and curative disinfection, processes and formulations to match your problem

  • Recovery - Destruction: recovery of used anti-freeze – destruction of any chemical substance or dirty fluid in the waste tracking document - recharge with new substance, ready to use, in bulk or in containers


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