Treatment of steam generation systems

Even following reverse osmosis treatment, water is unfit to supply steam boilers. Only proper water conditioning with the appropriate chemical additives ensures normal operation and keeps the equipment in good condition.


BWT proposes an appropriate treatment for high, medium or low pressure steam generation. Its objective is to limit mineral concentrations, and to eliminate the most noxious and to prevent or limit the action of gases.


  • Prevents corrosion and scaling throughout the water-steam cycle

  • Products approved by the FDA or the AFSSA

  • High pressure product techniques with spinning and specific analysis instruments


In order to eliminate priming, deposits, scaling and corrosion phenomena and to protect boilers and systems, BWT has designed the following product range:


  • Oxygen reducers with or without catalyst, mineral or organic

  • Phosphating, alkalising and dispersing agents for low, medium and high pressure

  • Volatile amines for condensate treatment in accordance with FDA or AFSSA standards

  • Anti-primers


Contact us for further information on our formulated products range for the treatment steam product systems.