Treatment of water cooling systems
in an air flow

The performance of cooling systems is based on managing scaling, corrosion and biological development, the implementation of original treatment solutions that combine reduced environmental impact, water saving, efficiency and economic gains, and the definition of monitoring programmes, KPIs and corrective action plans.


By using our teams to monitor your cooling installation, you will also benefit from BWT expertise in managing the legionellosis risk:


  • Analytical monitoring
    Receive regular analyses of the water circulating and thorough monitoring of the treatments applied.


  • Cleaning and disinfection of the cooling systems
    BWT has product techniques for all types of cooling system clogging, and the procedures and partners to implement them.


  • Legionellosis analyses
    BWT works in partnership with laboratories accredited for legionellosis analysis (standard NF T90-431).


  • Operating manual and annual results
    We supply a document that will enable you to keep a log of all work carried out, as well as annual results, for presentation to the inspection authorities.


  • Training of personnel in the legionellosis risk
    BWT provides accredited training in the legionellosis risk and issues a proper certificate to each person trained (BWT is an accredited training authority, accreditation No. 11 93 04002 93).


  • Methodical risk analysis
    BWT engineers work with you on methodical risk analyses.


Contact us for further information on our range of formulated products for the treatment of water cooling systems in air flows.