Treatment of heating and air conditioning systems by our SoluTECH processes

Water circulating in closed systems (chilled water, hot or superheated water), if there is no appropriate treatment, causes many problems - deposits and scaling, erosion, corrosion and sludge - that can go as far as affecting all the component elements of the system concerned (generators, exchangers, pipe systems, circulation pumps, etc.).


The complete SoluTECH treatment programme:


  • Protects your installations against corrosion, scaling and sludge

  • Maintains your systems at maximum energy effectiveness

  • Works covered by the SoluTECH technical recommendation issued by the CSTB

  • Simplifies your water treatment approach for heating/cooling systems through the use of appropriate formulations for any type of metallurgy and operating conditions

  • Works in accordance with boiler manufacturers’ recommendations


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