Treatment stations

BWT offers a full range of formulated products for residual water:


  • Anionic and cationic flocculants to increase dry solid content on the drip table, filter-press, centrifuge, etc.

  • Anti-froth, anti-smell products

  • Nutrition and bacteria ready to use for the breakdown of hard COD, grease, hydrocarbons, etc.

  • Mineral, organic and mixed coagulants

  • Insolubilising agents for metals


This range of high performance products is designed to facilitate the operation of your installations and to save you time and money:


  • Low viscosity flocculants to reduce fabric clogging (filter-press, drip table, etc.), quicklime ready for use. 

  • Easy storage and distribution: BWT SYSE storage tanks, polymer mixers, etc.

  • Ultra-filtration installation for preliminary industrial treatment, before reverse osmosis.

  • Environment-friendly: coagulants 100% vegetable origin, bacteria cocktails for difficult pollution (BWT BACTER range).


Contact us for further information on our range of formulated products for treatment stations.