Optimal protection for
drinking water systems
Best limescale protection and effective corrosion
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Limescale protection

Modern limescale protection for drinking water systems


Drinking water is good for us and, in particular, the soluble trace elements and minerals it contains help us remain healthy. So what could be better than a supply of beneficial, mineral-rich drinking water direct from the tap? But these minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, are the main causes of limescale deposits in pipe systems and boilers. These are not only bothersome, but can also have expensive consequences. In addition, deposits on the rough interior surface of water pipes make ideal breeding grounds for many types of bacteria.


BWT limescale protection systems use unique bipolar technology to provide optimum limescale protection for large installations. Tiny calcium crystals form when subjected to precise electrical and voltage pulses, which stabilise the calcium dissolved in the water. The calcium, along with all the other minerals, remains in the water, but doesn’t form deposits in pipes or boilers. The result is optimally treated water for any number of tapping points, for households, sports facilities, hospitals, care homes, residential properties and hotels.


BWT limescale protection systems guarantee your defence against calcium-rich water.


BWT Limescale protection