Reverse osmosis

Pure water: a prerequisite for the best results


Water that is free of both pathogens and contaminants with low conductivity is a standard requirement for glass washers, humidifiers, laboratory equipment and various medical and technical applications; also for efficient working and production processes, particularly as statutory requirements and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. The water must therefore be treated, i.e. by filtration and softening, to improve the quality of the available raw water, which will then have an enormous impact on the results and quality of the products.


BWT Reverse osmosis


What is reverse osmosis?

In reverse osmosis, water is forced under pressure through a membrane which allows water molecules to pass through, but it retains any extraneous substances (i.e. salts, organic impurities, particles and bacteria). Reverse osmosis removes almost all viruses, bacteria and substances that affect the colour, taste and smell of the water; the end result is pure water.


In the ‘online’ version, the pure water can be stored in a membrane pressure tank and then distributed to consumers. In the ‘offline’ version a booster pump unit delivers the treated water from a pure water tank.


Specific components are required for a fully functioning reverse osmosis system, depending on the intended application. Feel free to seek advice from the BWT water experts; we will be delighted to help you find the optimum treatment solution.