Whether using our standard products of individual solutionsBWT provides optimum water treatment for all application areas.

What types of water should be treated?

There are many important factors in water treatment. Water treatment applies to four main types of water to be treated, each of which has its own specific requirements.


Sanitary water Treatment


Sanitary water is in contact with human beings. This concerns its ingestion of course, and also the washing of everyday objects (clothing, dishes, etc.), as well as the body. Sanitary water thus involves requirements that mainly concern hygiene and health.


At the entry point into the building, sanitary water is cold (Sanitary Cold Water, SCW) and for certain uses some of it is heated (Sanitary Hot Water, SHW). Increasing its temperature raises other water quality problems, starting with the prevention of scaling, which adversely affects the energy efficiency of all heating systems.


BWT provides both technical solutions and experience in diagnostics and prescription, to help building professionals select sanitary water treatment systems.


Pool water treatment


Whether they be for leisure or therapeutic, pools put the entire human body (sometimes weakened by illness) in contact with water. The water must therefore by perfectly harmless for health and must prevent contamination between persons.


Such requirements must be handled by water treatment professionals, led by BWT, with its experience and expertise.


Climatic system water treatment


Water is the main fluid used to heat, cool or humidify another fluid, i.e. the air that constitutes the atmosphere inside a building. Excellent energy efficiency is only achieved with a water quality better than that delivered by the public supply.


It should be as non-scaling as possible, to preserve calorie transfer in the exchangers, cleared of all sludge that forms in closed systems, not be subject to freezing in outdoor pipes and not favour corrosion or leaks. Water used in climatic systems must also be protected against bacteria contamination, particularly in air conditioning system air cooling towers and in humidifiers and misters.


BWT has full technical expertise in all these water treatment factors, through its knowledge and experience of problems in the field.


Treatment of process water


In industry, water is involved in many manufacturing processes, either as a technical function fluid (to heat, cool, rinse, etc.) or as an element of the actual manufactured product (drinks, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.). In the tertiary building sector, the term process water means water that differs from the categories mentioned above by the fact that it is intended for very specific uses, which have their own specific requirements. This particularly concerns all types of washing of surfaces or utensils and cooking appliances, or even steam sterilising systems.

The efficiency, hygiene and life cycle of the equipment concerned by these processes are dependent on water quality, and BWT helps you to identify specific solutions for these special cases.