BWT-boiler water treatmentFor maximum operational security
in steam and hot water boilers.

Boiler water

Boiler water Different standards and regulations apply to steam and hot water boilers with flow temperatures above 100° C, which must be adhered to when planning boiler water treatment plants. Effective boiler water treatment must guarantee the operational safety of the entire plant. This requirement is also regulated by the regulations applicable to the installation and operation of steam boilers (‘ABV’).


Incorrectly or poorly planned and executed water treatment systems can cause malfunctions due to:

  • Deposits caused by heat accumulation (energy loss, thermal overload and damage to the boiler materials)

  • Corrosion (low operational readiness, decreasing value and high repair costs)

  • Running costs also increase owing to the loss of water resulting from high desalination rates.


Depending on the boiler capacity, raw water quality and water quality requirements, we can provide the best processes for:

  • Softening

  • A range of ion exchange procedures

  • Desalination using reverse osmosis

  • Electrodeionisation

  • Degassing

  • Dosing of corrective phosphates, oxygen binding agents and inhibitors  


Needless to say, BWT takes the relevant economic factors into account for the benefit of the client:

  • Statutory principles (ABV, AEV)

  • Operational parameters/requirements of the boiler manufacturer

  • Energy costs

  • Fresh water costs

  • Waste water costs