Drinking water treatment for
maximum hygiene and safety
BWT provides advanced technologies to turn
the raw material water into high-quality drinking water.

Drinking water - the elixir of life

Today, in many parts of the world, water has to be treated to achieve drinking water quality. Changes in climate are now occurring in all the continents and in desert areas like the Sahara, and the global effects of greenhouse gases are clear warnings that we must act responsibly with our increasingly scarce supply of drinking water.


Drinkin water


Areas of pure, clean water exist close to areas with polluted or even contaminated water. In many cases, water from our natural world must be treated to produce an adequate quantity of the correct quality of this our most important ‘nutrient’. The emphasis here is to prevent the formation of scale deposits in boilers and pipes (limescale) and to protect against rust and particles.


Why do we need to treat drinking water?

Clear mountain streams, bubbling springs and the roaring ocean waves are our raw materials and, as only a small proportion of these sources can be used in their natural state, we use advanced technologies and high-end technical processes to turn the raw material, water, into a refined end-product. The properties of the water are as diverse as the geological conditions and populations of the various regions; some areas have clean water with high calcium or iron levels, while others have highly polluted water. However, we can provide the right treatment solution to produce perfect drinking water, regardless of local characteristics.