Drinking water for communities

Best water treatment for public applications


The daily per capita consumption of water is around 130 litres, as every individual comes into contact with water many times, whether in drinking, cooking, bathing, showering and washing clothes or dishes. When we turn on the tap, water flows out. Drinking water must be constantly available in adequate quantities and at an acceptable chemical, hygienic and microbe-free standard.


All water suppliers therefore must take full responsibility for the safety of consumers and observe the relevant legal parameters. BWT provides standard products along with tailor-made, client-specific solutions to enable them to achieve this objective. New technologies (e.g. ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis for the removal of nitrates) are constantly being developed to supplement proven methods and processes such as deferrisation (iron removal), deacidification and UV disinfection. With our leading expertise in the water treatment sector, your drinking water will be in safe hands.

Drinking water for communies


Water treatment for hospitals

Access to the best possible water quality is a top priority in hospitals and medical applications, but in many cases this vital standard is not achieved to the required level. Without adequate treatment, the building block for perfect hygiene and sanitary conditions, i.e. water, can pose serious health risks. Without optimal water treatment, damage may also be caused to pipe systems, expensive machinery and to any equipment used in the medical and non-medical sectors. This is why we can draw on our many years’ experience to recommend that you provide an appropriate water quality that complies with the relevant standards and regulations. We guide our healthcare sector clients through every stage, from water analysis to project planning and scoping, commissioning, training and maintenance of the water treatment system. We can also offer the right solutions, techniques and procedures for saving water.