Drinking water in buildings

Innovative water treatment for commercial facilities, hotels, residential homes and care centres


BWT supplies commercial clients with both standard products and tailor-made individual solutions, taking all the economic and ecological parameters into account, and guarantees maximum efficiency, safety and hygiene.


In certain sensitive areas our clients need to feel safe and secure, so our processes range from simple particle filtration at the domestic supply inlet, to water softening and limescale prevention in the pipe system (e.g. to prevent corrosion), and to complex Legionella prevention and control. This lethal bacterium Legionella can only live and proliferate where it finds a feeding ground, such as in limescale deposits or organic substances.


Drinking water in buildings


Even during a stay at a hotel, on holiday or on business, it is important to trust the quality and safety of the water, because as the size of the water system increases, so does the risk of microbiological contamination and the threat of Legionella.


BWT can provide a range of technological solutions, as part of a set of comprehensive hygiene measures, for the prevention and elimination of Legionella and other bacteria in water conduits