BWT-heating water treatmentFor the efficient and safe operation of heating systems.

Heating water

The aim of heating water treatment is to prevent damage from corrosion and calcification in the closed hot water heating systems. Corrosion in a heating system depends on the properties of the materials and the heat transfer fluid (heating water), the planning and implementation of the installation, the treatment of the materials and the operating conditions. All these factors determine the level of corrosion in a heating system.

  Heating systems


BWT provides the following basic range of products for heating water treatment

  • High-performance rinsing devices for combined air/water rinsing of the heating system prior to first filling

  • Microfilters (filter mesh <25 µm) to filter the rinsing, filling and top-up water • Backflow preventer to protect the drinking water system

  • Water softening systems (based on ion exchange) to soften or desalinate the filling and top-up water

  • Mobile reverse osmosis systems for filling with desalinated water

  • Metering devices for adding agents to treat the heating water

  • Strainers as circulation filters to filter out any existing corrosion products

  • Measuring implements, testing equipment, water analysis