BWT Process water treatmentThanks to years of know-how BWT offers the
appropriate water treatment solution for
special applications in commerce and industry.

Specialised types of process water

Specialist applications in commerce and industry


Specific challenges in technical areas may require customised solutions that can be provided by water applications. We have many years’ experience, covering an extremely wide variety of application areas, including laboratory and process water, wood drying systems, process water filtration, animal breeding and waste-water neutralisation. Simply let us know what your needs are and our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution.

Specialist applications


Laboratory and rinsing water

Water quality varies enormously in its composition from one region to another. Minerals that are essential for water as a ‘nutrient’ can be disruptive when used for washing or rinsing. They are invisible when dissolved in water, but during drying they appear as water staining, which can lead to scaling on crockery and inside technical equipment.


BWT offers a range of solutions for the best possible rinsing results:

  • In laboratories

  • For washing glass and tableware in the food service sector (crockery, cutlery and glasses)

  • For technical production processes (surface engineering)


The following parameters determine the water treatment technology to be applied in each case:

  • On-site water quality

  • Range of applications of the treated water


Water with a low saline content is required for washing glasses, maintaining laboratory equipment and for various technical and medical applications, and also for cleaning high-grade surfaces.


Unlike drinking water, water in its purest form is totally free of additional substances such as salts, calcium, contaminants or ions. It would be unfit for humans to drink, as it would not provide the body with essential salts and minerals. But ‘pure’ water is crucial for the manufacture of, for example, medicines, microelectronics, glass and beverages.


Laboratories require a constant supply of high-quality pure water for critical analytical applications. This water is not only needed for cleaning and rinsing, but also as a solvent and carrier medium.


Depending on the individual application areas, a broad spectrum of standard equipment is available for different quality stages and dimensions. We can also offer you tailored solutions for special applications on request.