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It is often just one sip that will determine whether a restaurant gets the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. For this may sometimes be the only impression the customer gains after a short visit; whereas, after a large meal, it is the final taste of coffee or tea that lingers. Caterers should be aware that their performance in this sensitive area can affect their entire business. Many diners may have high-quality coffee machines at home, and are therefore accustomed to perfectly prepared and full-tasting hot drinks, so no restaurateur or coffee shop owner can risk serving anything of inferior quality. The espresso crema must be rich and firm, and not dissipate, and the delicate, Japanese green tea should smell of nothing but fresh grasses without a trace of oil apparent on the surface of the liquid.


The success factor for hot beverages applies equally to combi-steamer cooking. The use of top quality water delivers the best quality vegetables (brightly coloured) and meat with a perfect texture. The degree of hardness, the smell and taste of the water used as the raw material for food and drinks must be spot-on. This is the only way to develop taste experiences that will remain in the memory for a long time. BWT bestmax filter cartridges from BWT water+more create the exact quality of optimised water for individual needs and set standards that will surprise even the most discerning of guests and diners.


From vending equipment to coffee machines and hardware for modern cooking and baking, optimum water guarantees maximum performance from equipment, the protection of stock and a brisk turnover of business. Most importantly, filter cartridges ensure reliability and guarantee a consistent quality of hot and cold drinks, whether in the kitchen or in the bakery. For more information about our industry solutions, please visit our section on Hotels, Catering & Vending.