Innovative technology for the most demanding requirements

If humans cannot survive without water, neither can commercial or industrial organisations. Whether a small office, an agricultural business or a food outlet, all need water, if only in the form of drinking water, for kitchens, washrooms and heating systems. In some industries, top quality water is a prerequisite for the viability of its operations, for people’s health and/or commercial success.


One example is the food service sector, where best quality water will determine if a seasoned gourmet, spoilt for choice, frequents a top-class restaurant or a more modest one, because for many, the perfect end to a delicious dinner is a real Italian espresso. Even the legendary espresso crema owes its success to perfect quality water.


Perfection is also a sine qua non for municipal water suppliers, who bear the responsibility for supplying entire communities and cities with contaminant-free water that is clean and safe to drink.


In the food and drinks industry, product quality stands or falls by the quality of the untreated water used for a wide range of production or filling applications in the brewing, fruit juice and even mineral water sectors.


The most critical use of water is probably in healthcare and hospitals and, in particular, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Here, people’s lives are at stake, whether the water is used in operating theatres, laboratories or dialysis stations, as an important element in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals or as the primary auxiliary medium for washing packaging materials. These sectors therefore demand the most stringent water purity and sterility standards, which can only be satisfied at the highest level with the most advanced water treatment technology.


BWT – for your safety, health and commercial success

For decades, BWT has proved itself to be a reliable partner in all areas of water treatment, particularly where vast experience, technical innovation and specialised, highly trained personnel are prerequisites for a mutually beneficial collaboration. Our in-depth expertise, extreme diligence and care at the personal level, whether in technical, ecological or economic terms, have built the foundations of the trust that many satisfied and successful clients have placed in BWT.