In hospitals, different water qualities are required for many processes and applications. Examples include: operating theatres, laboratories, dialysis stations, kitchens, laundries, steam sterilisation or therapy pools. For 40 years BWT has been planning and building pioneering systems for such medical applications – from advanced standard systems to extremely complex, specialised solutions. A large, experienced team of engineers, technicians and craftsmen collaborate with the client to develop system designs that encompass ecological and economic factors. BWT works alongside its clients from the initial analysis of the water, through project planning and scoping, right up to the commissioning of the water treatment plant, and offers training and maintenance. BWT also ensures that the proposed solution includes the correct water-saving techniques and processes.


Applications and BWT technologies for hospitals:

  • Central and decentralised filtration

  • Iron and manganese removal and deacidification

  • Centralised treatment of cold and warm water

  • Treatment of boiler feed water and water for heating

  • Water softening for kitchens and laundries

  • Centralised sterilisation • Cooling towers and sealed cooling systems Treatment of water for air-conditioning (air scrubbers, humidifiers)

  • Medicinal steam production

  • Haemodialysis

  • Laboratories and diagnostics

  • Legionella prevention