Water treatment for communities

Drinking water treatment


Drinking water must be constantly available, free of pathogens and chemicals, and in sufficient quantity. All water suppliers therefore have a major responsibility towards their customers, and must adhere to all the statutory parameters. BWT offers both standardised products and client-specific solutions for this purpose. Many years of proven experience in, for example, iron removal, deacidification and UV disinfection are continuously supplemented with new technologies (e.g. ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis for removing nitrates).


Water treatment for swimming pools


In public baths and spas the pursuit of health has become something of an adventure. With the wide range of public swimming pools – children’s pools, fitness pools, sports pools, water slides and current generators – there is something for everyone to enjoy. Having fun and relieving stress in the water relaxes both mind and body. Wave pools, water slides and fountains are a magnet for young children. The long lanes in some sports pools improve circulation and help reduce stress. Airbeds, massage jets and floor jets stimulate the senses and enhance the pleasure from a day at the pool, where the design features of the equipment make all the difference. In this context, anything is possible with BWT’s vast range of accessories, and a day at the pool becomes an unforgettable experience for visitors and their families.