Foodstuffs industry

The foodstuffs industry requires controlled water quality for its processing activity. The characteristics of the water used determine and influence the processes necessary to obtain an end product that complies with all health regulations. Like any industry that consumes large quantities of water, the present preoccupation of the foodstuffs sector is to take less water from the source and save water.


Our expertise for foodstuffs sectors

  • Production of denitrated water in Dairies / Cheese factories

  • Production of softened water for soft water bottling 

  • Production of dechlorinated in canned foods factories

  • Steriliser treatment

  • Production of demineralised water in sugar factories, to supply utilities

  • Production of decarbonated and dechlorinated water in breweries

  • Production of drinking water with adsorption of pesticides in a meat processing factory

  • Recycling of treatment station water by ultra-filtration in a spirits distillery


Why choose BWT?


As an equipment manufacturer, BWT’s expertise covers the entire water cycle: from the treatment of well water to make it drinkable to the recycling of depolluted water. We guarantee standard or custom solutions that meet your needs, with compact and modular installations from 100 l/h to more than 200 m³/h.


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