Chemical and petro-chemical industry

Managing water quality and optimising water consumption are major factors for the productivity and safety of your installations.


Our engineers and technicians are trained in the risks and challenges of your job, and will help you choose, operate and maintain your water treatment systems so that they are properly managed.


Our expertise for the chemical and petro-chemical sectors



  • Preliminary treatment of utilities water (softening, decarbonating, demineralisation)

  • Treatment products for LP or HP steam generators

  • Treatment solutions for cooling systems and anti-legionellosis action

  • Treatment for closed process systems



  • Custom installation for high-rate demineralised production

  • Recycling and valorisation of production water

  • Treatment of thinner water

  • Treatment of paint booth water



  • Neutralising of waste

  • Treatment Stations

  • Treatment of hydrocarbons

  • Valorisation of sludge


Why choose BWT?


Through our overall equipment, product and operation approach, we enable you to manage both production costs and industrial performance.

We are committed to the development and providing of services that have a minimum impact on health and on the environment throughout their life cycle, in order to best meet our customers’ needs.


Contact us for further information on the ways in which we can help the chemical and petro-chemical industry.


Production vapeur et refroidessement Steam Generation and Cooling



Production Production Water



Traitement des Effluents Waste Treatment