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Water to match your industry


Water is frequently not very apparent or valorised, but it is a fundamental raw material that has to be considered in your production cycle.

Paper mills, Glass factories, Steel industry, Electronics, etc.

For every one of your processes, you need a specific water quality.


Our expertise in industry:



  • Original treatment solutions for cooling systems

  • Anti-legionellosis action

  • Treatment and optimisation solutions for steam generation

  • Treatment for air conditioning Systems



  • Filtered water, softened water, demineralised water, process water

  • Drinking water, recycling, treatment of systems

  • Treatment of waste, treatment station, treatment of sludge, etc.



  • Audit solutions: expertise, diagnostic, skills, mobility

  • Commercial services: turnkey delivery, delivery dates respected, financing

  • Technical services: contracts, reconditioning, sustainable operation, installation upgrades

  • Training: accredited authority


Why choose BWT?


From standard to specific solutions, for small/medium companies, international groups, small installations or large scale process customers, BWT matches its expertise and experience to your needs. With specific monitoring throughout your project, we are committed to maximum reactivity for an optimum service.


Contact us for further information on the ways in which we can help in industry.

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