Life Science industry

Water is the most used raw material in Life Science industries. Most of the processes require water and other substances that comply with the legal standards defined in international pharmacopoeia. This criticality means that the manufacturing companies need a partner that can offer a broad range of technologies, and that can also handle the validation and qualification processes.


Our expertise for Life Science industries

Various water qualities are necessary, as a function of the end requirement. Our installations meet the most stringent quality needs:

  • Bulk purified water

  • Bulk highly purified water 

  • Water for injectable preparations

  • Clean steam


The technologies proposed by BWT will give the required result, irrespective of your initial problems, through the processes of:

  • Ion exchange

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Electrodeionising

  • Ultra-filtration

  • Distillation

  • Clean steam generation

  • Thermal, chemical and ozone disinfection in situ


Why choose BWT?

BWT developed many qualification and design skills, from the 1990s. By treating drinking water, BWT installations produce the quality required for every application, and ensure that this quality is maintained up to the user.


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