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Your water supplier guarantees the supply of best drinking water to your home. Nevertheless, dirt and rust particles as well as limescale in many regions can enter into your installation through connections and maintenance work. Possible consequences range from expensive repair work to increased energy costs, clogged pipes and calcified household devices, fittings and shower heads.


BWT domestic technology products guarantee the best drinking water quality for a range of household applications: From silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water for showers and baths to clean, mineral-rich drinking water from the tap, to perfect protection against limescale and corrosion. BWT’s proprietary filtration, softening and limescale protection systems, heating protection, mineral dosing and the correct installation provide the best possible protection for your pipe installations, solar panels, heating and domestic appliances.


Our filter systems for kitchens let you become a water gourmet, turn ordinary tap water into superb drinking water for your home and removes extraneous aroma- and taste-inhibiting substances (e.g. chlorine) and pigments (e.g. soil substances). Our trend products for the bath room make the laborious scrubbing and cleaning of shower screens, fixtures, fittings and tiles unnecessary in an instant, without the use of chemical cleaning agents.


With more than 35 years of experience in pool and swimming pool technology, thousands of installed systems and an extensive product range, BWT is the right partner for every customer - whether for private building owners, architects, planners, municipalities or the hotel industry. After commissioning the system, the BWT service team will be a reliable partner, always at the customer's side. BWT treatment systems offer security and hygiene in every pool and guarantee pure bathing pleasure in 100 % hygienic water.