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Often, the obvious escapes our attention. What is the common point between the shine of walls and tap systems in water rooms, the life cycle of our sanitary and household electrical appliances, the softness of clean linen and the good feeling after a shower or bath? The common point is a fluid that is both complex and basic: water.


BWT offers every home the means to get the best out of water: no more scaling, no more premature ageing of the washing machine, coffee machine, clothes iron, etc., voluptuous soft water in the shower, linen with a silky feel, and so many details of everyday life that you won’t be able to do without. Without counting the savings in anti-scaling products, soaps and detergents, as water treated by BWT washes more efficiently!


Best water for home


Discover the BWT Voluptuous Water concept that covers softening, filtering, general anti-scaling and bathroom anti-scaling, as well as disinfecting solutions for individual well water.


BWT E1 single-lever filter

E1 Water fillter With BWT’s new E1 single-lever filter the water is very easy to shut off and the filtration unit can be replaced in seconds.  more about the E1 single-lever filter