BWT - Perfect Water

The BWT Gourmet Edition Mg2+

The special feature of this filtration process is the use of patented BWT Mg2+technology that releases magnesium ions into the filtered water. The multi-stage filtration process of the new, unique BWT cartridge not only removes contaminants and calcifying elements, but also enriches the drinking water with vital magnesium ions. Every sip supplies the body with precious minerals, while tea and coffee made with BWT filtered water, and the water itself, will all taste substantially better.
The patented BWT Mg2+ technology in the BWT Gourmet table water filter retains the magnesium naturally present in the water and adds sufficient extra magnesium to improve its important health-giving properties.


  • For improved, pure water with magnesium, containing no taste-inhibiting or harmful substances (e.g. chlorine, copper, lead and organic impurities).
  • For the best-tasting tea and coffee with a full-bodied aroma
  • Better cooking and baking results with clear, pleasantly-tasting water