Domestic disinfection

The disinfection


The water is the vital element and constitutes consequently an ideal for microbial growth, among which some are unwanted towards the quality of the water, even the human or animal health: pathogenic bodies, germs of fecal contamination, molds, seaweeds, etc.

The disinfection reduces the presence of the organic germs. It refers to physical processes such as the UV radiation or the chemical processes, in particular by the use of oxidizers such as the chlorine.


The BWT PERMO offer: the BIOSTIL


Generator of ultraviolet ray, without chemical, little expensive product in the maintenance, very effective on perfectly crystal clear waters and which does not alter either the flavor or the chemical composition of the water so handled.

The BIOSTIL is a modern and performing U.V. sterilizer which answers perfectly the prescriptions of the Directorate General for Health, for the treatment by ultraviolet ray of waters intended for the human consumption, and assures the elimination of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and of most of the seaweeds and the mushrooms.

The BIOSTIL, compatible with quite different type of refining, (filtration, denitration, softening) suits for the antibacterial treatment(processing) of waters of well or drilling.


2 models :

- Biostil 1800
- Biostil 2700