BWT-Mineral dosingBinds the excess carbonic acid and
traps any residual calcium in the water.

Dosing technology

BWT Mineral dosing
the optimum solution for ‘aggressive’ water 

Rain water becomes enriched with carbon dioxide (carbonic acid) in the atmosphere. When the rain falls and percolates through the ground, the carbonic acid releases valuable minerals from the soil, such as calcium and magnesium. The more carbonic acid present in the water, the more calcium the water can absorb from the calcium-rich soil. Therefore the lower the level of calcium in the ground, the lower the level of calcium in the water. It will, however, have an excess of carbonic acid, making the water ‘aggressive’ and able to attack metallic materials (particularly galvanised pipes).


This will result in dangerous corrosion, which can be prevented if the appropriate minerals are added to the water. BWT’s mineral dosing binds the excess carbonic acid on the one hand while, on the other, trapping any residual calcium (residual hardness) in the water. This means your pipe work is fully protected from corrosion and limescale.


BWT Mineral dosing


Dosing pumps provide the correct dosage

BWT dosing pumps are used to protect pipe work. They are implemented primarily to ensure the correct dosage of minerals in the water to prevent problems caused by corrosion. The minerals added to the water coat the interior walls of the pipe to prevent the carbonic acid in the water from attacking the metal. BWT dosing pumps are controlled using an integrated water meter. Scientific water analysis must be carried out before dosing.


Food quality for maximum safety

Food hygiene standards allow a limited amount of phosphate to be added to drinking water to prevent scale formation and damage from corrosion.
BWT dosing ingredients are tested in accordance with all relevant food standards. Strict national and international regulations guarantee that BWT phosphates are regularly subjected to the most rigorous checks to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained.