Maximum protection for
your drinking water system
Effective protection against limescale
and corrosion with BWT AQA total Energy.
Drinking water rich in minerals
for the whole family
Precious drinking water from clean pipes
for you and your family to enjoy.

Limescale protection

BWT Limescale protection –
your home’s natural source of minerals

Drinking water is good for our health, since it contains soluble trace elements and minerals like calcium and magnesium. These vital minerals are needed by our bodies, because they enable energy to metabolise, help bones to form and supplement our day-to-day energy needs..


But the minerals that are so crucial for our bodies are precisely those that are responsible for water hardness. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water cause limescale to build up in pipes, boilers and shower heads. Heating costs also increase; a 2 mm-thick coating of limescale on the heating surfaces of heat exchangers in kettles or boilers can increase energy consumption by up to 20%. Limescale deposits on the rough interior surface of water pipes are also ideal breeding grounds for various types of bacteria.


BWT Limescale protection


Reliable protection from hard water.

BWT limescale protection systems, like AQA Nano or AQA Total Energy, stabilise the calcium dissolved in the water, while retaining the more beneficial minerals. So, with just one daily sip of our drinking water, we can automatically absorb precious calcium and magnesium − a vital and enjoyable drinking experience that boosts our health and performance.


BWT AQA total technology is the perfect solution to your limescale problem. As electrical and voltage pulses are generated, tiny calcium crystals form, stabilising the calcium dissolved in the water. The calcium therefore remains in the water, along with the minerals, but because it cannot form deposits, your pipe systems and boilers are fully protected against limescale.


Boost your health and that of your family and enjoy precious drinking water from clean pipes.