Become a water gourmet!Use BWT Gourmet table water filters with unique Mg2+-technology
for a daily drinking water sensation and a full tea and coffee aroma.
technology and
a world first
The BWT Gourmet Edition Mg2+ silver free
new generation cartridges are unique.
They use a 5-stage filtration process
and remove all the silver ions released
into the drinking water.
Worldwide innovation
Have you had enough of limescale
deposits and soap residues in
your shower and bath?
Simply press the button to clean with
BWT Quick & Clean, the revolutionary
limescale protection filtration system.
more about Quick & Clean
Table water filters & filter cartridges

Tap water is better with BWT

Even as basic as it is, water is still subject to the variety of “tastes and colours”, and everyone has their preferences. However, when drawn from the tap, water is subject to requirements that are common to all consumers: it must be free of all traces of chlorine and with no unpleasant taste or smell: earth, damp wood, pungency, etc.


Furthermore, there must be no doubt concerning its harmlessness for health, however there are frequent disputes concerning the presence of nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollution resulting from human activity in the public water supply.  


BWT Filter System



BWT proposes solutions to your… taste, so that your tap water will meet your expectations and free you from the chores involved in purchasing bottles of water: from the filtering pitcher on the table to the undersink filter, and including dedicated solutions for warm drinks. Discover, in particular, magnesium-enriched water, which is a favourite among the more discerning!


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