Under-the-counter filters

For clean and safe drinking water


The BWT Woda-Pure turns ordinary tap water into superb drinking water for your home. The thorough and reliable process removes extraneous aroma- and taste-inhibiting substances (e.g. chlorine) and pigments (e.g. soil substances).

The BWT Woda-Pure supplies clean, safe drinking water from the tap – free from bacteria.


The unique Woda-Pure technology



BWT Woda-Pure 


1.  The raw water flows into the filter cartridge
2.  Particles, natural pigments and aroma- and taste-inhibiting
substances (e.g. chlorine) are removed using an activated
carbon block
3. Bacteria are removed using a hollow fibre membrane in the filtration system
4. The result is clean, safe drinking water


Benefits at a glance 


Free of bacteria 

Clean, safe drinking water straight
from the tap - free from bacteria

Saving efforts

Saves the effort of transporting bottled water


Filtered water from the tap is much
cheaper than bottled water


Reduction in waste, as no plastic
bottles are used


Compact under-the-sink assembly
Fitted by an installer