BWT Gourmet Edition Mg2+Table water filter with patented
Mg2+-technology for a daily
drinking water sensation
and a full tea and coffee aroma.
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Table water filters & filter cartridges

Magnesium makes all the difference!

The BWT Gourmet table water filter works in two stages. The first stage removes the aroma- and taste-inhibiting substances, i.e. chlorine. In the second, heavy metals such as lead and copper are removed and the hardness agent, calcium, is replaced by precious magnesium, thereby protecting domestic appliances against limescale. With this process, the filtered water contains a much higher mineral magnesium content compared to other filtration techniques and provides a unique taste experience.

The core of the BWT Gourmet table water filter is its filter cartridge with patented BWT Mg2+ technology. The magnesium-enriched drinking water enhances the full aroma of tea and coffee and, with its gourmet taste, is also totally satisfying when drunk on its own. The magnesium gives it a particularly natural, balanced and fresh flavour.

BWT’s patented Mg2+ technology:

 BWT Gourmet Edition


  • A fine filter retains particles

  • The granulate activated carbon removes impurities and the aroma- and taste-inhibiting substances, e.g. chlorine, from the water

  • The ion exchanger removes calcium and heavy metals (if present in the tap water)

  • Precious magnesium is added to the water, using the patented BWT Mg2+ technology

  • The fine filter prevents the discharge of particles into the filtered water


The benefits of table water filters:


Gourmet taste

Gourmet taste
of water enriched with magnesium and with taste-inhibiting substances removed

Protection for house appliance


Permanent protection for household appliances
against limescale, thus prolonging their service life




Economises on bottled water
and avoids the need to transport heavy bottles

Full aroma


Enhances the full aroma of tea and coffee

Cost comparision


Cost comparison:
BWT approx. 0.05€ per litre
Bottled water up to 0.70€ per litre

Smart design


Smart design

Fits into all standard refrigerator doors, easy to fill and automatically alerts users when the filter replacement is due

Table water BWT Table water filters


Consumer prize 

Consumer prize The BWT table water filter has been awarded the consumer prize for the ‘Kitchen Innovation of the Year® 2013’. The table water filter impressed consumers with its unique Mg2+ technology in four categories – functionality, innovation, design and ecology.