Table water filters

Depending on the size of the household or need, BWT can offer the correct table water filter with a filtration capacity of 2.5 or 2.7 litres. The models are dishwasher-safe and the 2.7 litre version is available in a range of attractive colours.


BWT Gourmet Edition Mg2+ silver-free


The BWT Gourmet Edition Mg2+ silver-free will provide the health-conscious who appreciate fresh drinking water mineralized with magnesium and pleasant-tasting water straight from the tap for maximum enjoyment and wellbeing. The new BWT Gourmet Mg2+ silver-free filter cartridge, the core of the BWT Gourmet table water filter, protects domestic appliances against limescale, removes aroma- and taste-inhibiting substances and adds the precious mineral magensium using the patented BWT Mg2+ technology.

A world first: the silver ions released during the filtration process are removed 100% from the water in the final filtration stage.

Silver has antibacterial properties and, for reasons of hygiene, is contained in filter cartridges and released into the drinking water in minute quantities during the filtration process. After a long period of development in their laboratories, the BWT Group has now created the ‘Mg2+ silver-free technology’ to significantly improve the water quality and, unlike all other conventional filtration systems on the market, eliminates the silver ions that are released into the water. The silver removal is carried out using a newly developed filtration material known as ‘silver sorbent’.


BWT Safety Edition anti-arsenic

Arsenic is a metalloid that occurs naturally in different regions of the world in the form of minerals. In certain conditions, harmful arsenic compounds can leach out of the rock and enter the groundwater. Arsenic contamination is among the most dangerous drinking water pollutants and poses a serious threat to human health. Ailments caused by arsenic generally originate from contaminated drinking water. The BWT anti-arsenic table water filter now provides a solution to this problem.

Drinking water filtered by BWT’s anti-arsenic filtration process is completely free from arsenic.


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Perfect-tasting tea and coffee

with the removal of all the taste-inhibiting substances

Water protection

Protection and safety

Arsenic removed and reduced levels of organic impurities, e.g. certain herbicides and pesticides


Ecological and easy to use

The environmental aspect is increasingly important: a water filter helps prevent plastic waste in the form of plastic bottles

Cooking and baking

Super results when cooking and baking

All the taste-inhibiting and extraneous substances (i.e. chlorine, copper, lead) are filtered out of the water to ensure the best results when cooking and baking