Heating water

Why protect your heating system?

Treating the water in your heating or air conditioning system will enhance your comfort, efficiency and energy performance, and your savings.

Without water treatment, consider the problems you could have, and their consequences:


Likly problems





of the

of minerals
when hot (scaling)


Corrosion by the oxygen
dissolved in the water
Different metals,
creating corrosion cells



Work residue and carbon
in new systems.
Mixture of scaling and oxides in old systems




Scaling is a very
good insulator and
thus prevents
heat transfer.

It favours the accumulation of deposits and sludge, resulting in the clogging of pipe systems, corrosion under the deposits, the development of bacteria, noise (sections are reduced) and hot points that weaken your boiler 


Corrosion causes
leaks and the formation
of sludge that prevents
thermal transfer and weakens
all the elements
of the system.

It also causes noise
 in radiators.


Sludge deposits make your system less efficient
by creating cold zones
in the radiators
slower water circulation
or even clogging of
the pipes
They shorten the life cycle
of your installations

by aggravating corrosion,
causing fatigue
in the circulation systems
and obstructing
the heating bodies.



Without scaling and without clogging: more efficient heating

A heating system should preferably use softened water or slightly salty water. Our SoluTECH product line, under Technical Recommendation, is the ideal solution for efficient heating without scaling, corrosion or sludge clogging. It is designed to ensure that your heating system works perfectly, while meeting the requirements of the applicable standards.